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Where To Find Death Records.

by kimbro
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One part of life that we all must face is death. However, death is not always as scary as we think. Those that have come before us in our families may have died, but they were people that lived long before us, and they are people that we obviously have never known in person. When you want to know more about those people, and to verify that they were in your family, you have to know where to find records (that you can trust) of their deaths.
Tombstones are not alwaysplace your ad
one hundred percent accurate, but most are. Those that are not are those that are very old, and they are often very close to the right information if at all wrong. You can find the tombstones of those that you know died near where you now live by going to the cemetery on your own to see what each stone says. You can find birth date and sometimes name of spouse this way as well if that is information that you do not yet have.
That is not always possible however, as families move around a lot. When that happens, they could be buried just about anywhere. If they lived near you, but were born somewhere else, they could have been taken back to their hometown for burial. You never know. When that happens, you are going to have a harder time getting what you need. That is when you turn to the Internet for help.
One great source for cemetery information would be the many ancestry sites you can find online. These are full of great resources that are intended to help anyone with their genealogy endeavors. They can have complete listings of cemeteries (including what is on each tombstone) that you can open up and search through. You may get lucky, as more and more cemeteries are being indexed so they can be searched online – even small ones. You can also try search engines to see what you can find.
When you simply do not want to spend time searching on your own, or you find nothing through your search efforts, you can find quicker and easier help somewhere else. You can find a site that specializes in old records so you can find a cemetery that may have the information that you seek for your family tree records.

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