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I like to describe the World Wide Web [ WWW] as an iceberg. You get to see what is floating above the water but two thirds or more of the iceberg is hidden from view.

The same applies to the WWW. Search engine spiders usually only show you indexed information on files two levels deep on any given website. Most web masters make sure their most vital information is within these parameters and enable you to access their other information from within their sites via their navigation tabs - like the ones you see if you hover your mouse over the "Home" tab at the top of this page. They usually also provide a site search  like the [magnifying glass icon] at the top  of this page .

Not knowing how to use the search engines efficiently can lead to a lot of time-wasting frustration. Worse - not knowing how to get to the content in the deeper levels, can result in not finding the vital information you are seeking. Most people believe if no results turn up for their search in Google, then the information they are seeking is not available online. This is not always true. Just as there are different horses for different courses - so there are different search engines and tools to dig a lot deeper.

The other problem most people face when searching is information overload. Getting millions of results to wade through to find what you are looking for is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. At 1search-find-all.com you will find the resources enabling you to do deep searches plus no techie jargon guides on how to use those resources.

As a lot of our resources will take you away from our site please make sure to bookmark this site in your favorites folder now - so you can track back to this site. The WWW. is a big place and we don't want you to get lost. I hope you find this site very useful and I will endeavor to continue to make this site worthy of your patronage by adding new resources as they come to hand.

Seek And Yea Shall Find

When I was a little girl my grandmother used to play Sherlock Holmes with me and my friends.
Conan Doyle's, famous detective, Sherlock Holmes came to life in her mischievous twinkling eyes.

My grandmother always played the role of Sherlock Holmes - and us kids - well we were the other characters in the the story. Of course there was always a villain that had to be found out and brought to justice.
My grandmother would leave clues around the house and hold meetings with us all - to recap on the progress.

Whenever we got frustrated - unable to find or work out a clue - my grandmother would simply say;
"Seek and yea shall find" - and we always did.
As us kids grew older the game became more sophisticated. Finding the villain often required an in depth understanding of the Geography, language, customs and law in far away places.
Without realizing it, whilst playing a game, my clever grandmother armed me with the skills, to research effectively and to think outside the box.

So Dear Watson or Watsona - What or Who are we looking for today?

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The information on this site should enable you to enhance any search, for anything On or Off Line.

Are you doing a Genealogy search?
I am in the process of building a family tree online and have included the resources that I found most useful, within the resources of this site.
The photograph above is of my grandmother mentioned in the story above at 5 days old, with my great grandmother.

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